We, at Centerglass Line SPA, we have a very ancient background because our business was started by the Biotti family, who manufactured a very special manual straw dressing handcraft on glass flasks in Tuscany, after the Second World War.

In the heart of Tuscany, one of the most famous wine areas in the world.

Through the generations this first activity moved towards a more organized business and is now a well established Company, a leader in the local and foreign market of glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industry, for olive oil and wine producers, for distillery, etc, In 1982 we started to operat under the name ofCenterglass Line srl, offering a wide range of accessories, too ( corks, closures, glass treatments, machinery Ö ).

Our Company grew up more and more in the years becoming an SPA in 2001.

We are proud to say that our range of products ( on ) is now one of the most complete on the market because we can offer both standard and special models, in any size, form or colour glass manufacturing allows.

Our staff is always on the customerís disposal to study customized solutions and satisfy all the most exigent requests.

A few fix principles guaranteed our constant grow up:

1. quality

2. dependability and know how

3. research in technology

4. competence



QUALITY, of course, ISO9001:2000 certified, following a quality system based on fix rules which oblige us to offer always a product and a service on the top of the market. Thanks to this system we are able to operate on time in critical situations, to select our suppliers of raw material and to work in respect of the Italian and EEC laws.

This business strategy has its cost, of course, but allows to avid wastes, extra expenses and claims which could mine the strong credibility we gained in a long and established experience in this branch.

A cost, of course, which guarantees to our customer DEPENDABILITY and KNOW HOW, delivery services with modern means of transport and a staff with the best technical and professional acknowledgment on the market.

All these efforts towards our main goal:we want to satisfy the needs of those who decided or will decide to buy from us and to use this enormous background of know how and human resources we can offer.

Thatís simply a small presentation of our Society. We will be grateful to you if you enter in our world and navigate through our WEB Site, and to watch and verify all commercial possibilities of CENTERGLASS Line, and to understand better the success of our Organization.